Improve Your Oral Hygiene in Three Steps

Oral hygiene is one of the most important parts of our daily routine, but it’s often overlooked. It’s quite sad that more than 50% people still don’t brush their teeth properly and most adults don’t even floss. Is it so hard to keep a perfect oral hygiene and your dentist happy? We only have 1 set of permanent teeth, we should keep them healthy and white for as long as it’s possible.

Here is our list of 3 important tips that you should take into consideration for a long lasting bright smile without cavities and plaque.

1 – Floss every day

Ordinary floss is a dental string which cleans plaque and food leftovers on those tiny spaces between teeth. It doesn’t matter what type of toothbrush you use and how great are your brushing habits, toothbrushes simply can’t reach all the places between teeth and along the gum line, but flossers can. Has your dentist ever asked you if you floss? I hope you told him the truth because dentists know exactly if you floss or not.

Recent studies have shown that more than 50% of American adults don’t floss every day. Considering that plaque between teeth causes more harm than plaque on the tooth surface, absence of flossing is just as bad as absence of regular tooth brushing. No one likes flossing, so consider buying a water flosser. They are more efficient, much more fun to use and some of them like Sonicare Airfloss can clean up whole mouth in just 30 seconds.

2 – Get an electric toothbrush

As said earlier, researches have shown that more than 50% people don’t brush their teeth properly. First electric toothbrushes were designed more than 50 years ago especially for people with bad brushing technique and those who lack motoring skills. Nowadays they are recommended by every dentist in this world simply because they are more efficient and fun to use than manual ones. Here some of the most notable advantages of electric toothbrushes:

  • Perfect brushing technique – Most electric toothbrushes have in-built timers and pressure sensors. They ensure that you reach those 2 minutes of brushing time that is recommended by dentist and they keep you from brushing too aggressively. Fact is that aggressive brushing wears away enamel on long term, so you should never brush too hard.
  • Kids love them – There are some powered toothbrushes designed especially for toddlers. We all know how kids love everything that’s related to electronics and why should toothbrushes be an exception? They also help kids to overcome their fear of the dentist because they sound simmilar than instruments in dental office.
  • Customized brushing experience – Most of them have about 5 different cleaning modes, so everyone can find the right one for any occasion. Most popular ones are whitening, tongue cleaning and deep cleaning.
  • Whiter teeth and healthier gums – Brands like Philips and Braun guarantee that after just 2 weeks of use, users will have a whiter smile and healthier gums.

Powered toothbrushes are perfect for everyone, including kids (from age 4) and older ones. Their efficiency is undeniable and list of their benefits could go on for ever.

3 – Visit your dentist regularly

You might have the best dental care habits in the world, but only your dentist can successfully treat your cavities. American Dental Association recommends you to visit your dentist at least twice per year, so stop the excuses!

We all know those visits are not comfortable, but we only have one set of permanent teeth and we should keep them healthy for as long as possible.

Signs of Insomnia

These show some signs of insomnia.

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 Difficulty in Sleeping

 The first sign of insomnia is the inability to fall asleep at night. Several causes of this symptom include eating heavy meals before bedtime, sleep apnea or cardiovascular disease, taking too many naps during the day, drinking caffeinated beverages at night, or it could be the result of working late at night or odd hours during the day. If this symptom is frequent, then you should see The Sleep Doctor right away.

Feeling Tired Even If You Already Slept

 When you have insomnia you tend to feel sleepy even if you slept through the night. This could be due to you getting up during the night because you could not sleep. Because you’re still tired during the day it will be difficult for you to concentrate on driving or getting things at work because your brain is not full rested.

Irritability and Depression

 Because you are deprived of sleep on a regular basis, you will not be in the best mood when you get up the next day. You may get irritated easily and sometimes you may even feel depressed due to fact that you cannot sleep well at night. You can meet with the doctor to find out if there are other reasons why you struggle with insomnia and depression so you will have a better life.

Lack of Motivation

 Those with insomnia sometimes talk about how they feel lethargic and not very motivated to do what needs to be done for the day. This is why parents should not let their children stay up late at night because it deprives them of not only adequate hours of sleep but also the motivation needed to stay alert and learn in school.


 Another symptom of insomnia is forgetfulness and this is due to the fact that your brain has been deprived of the oxygen it needs in order to function the right way. If you find yourself being forgetful frequently, then it is time to see a sleep disorder specialist.


 Headaches are not always due to stress or even because of migraines. Some people develop headaches because of insomnia. You can take headache pain reliever to treat the problem but in addition to this you will also need to make new lifestyle choices so that the headaches and insomnia will not ruin your quality of life.


 You cannot feel or function your best when you have insomnia so it is a good idea to not ignore the symptoms and seek treatment. In rare cases insomnia could be hereditary, especially if there is a history of mental illness in the family. Stress management is essential to treating insomnia so you should do breathing exercises, meditate, talk with loved ones, and get some fresh air a few hours before bedtime. Once you see an improvement in your sleeping patterns, use the same techniques you learned and you’ll have lasting relief for insomnia. Finally, get as much as rest possible at night by going to bed early in the evening.

Remove Cellulite With Exercise

 Exercise is a good way to remove cellulite and there are several ways to do this. Since cellulite tends to develop mostly in the legs and thighs, the best workouts are those that tone them while burning fat at the same time. One idea is to walk briskly for an hour in the local park or for a few blocks in your neighborhood because walking strengthens the legs and thighs and it is a good low impact exercise for those with arthritis or other joint problems. Squats and leg lifts are also good if you have cellulite.

Leg Curls

 To do leg curls you want to lie on your stomach and then you would take your resistance band and place one leg inside of it while leaving the other leg on the mat. You would then contract your stomach muscles and breathe in and out while moving your heel from the resistance band. You want to repeat this 10 to 15 times a day until you notice less cellulite on the body.


To do the lunges, you want to put your hands on your hips and then you would move your feet forward to your right side and then repeat the exercise on the left leg. You can do five to ten of these every day for thirty minutes.

Dumbbell Squats

 Dumbbell squats are great to do if you have cellulite on the back of your thighs. You want to stand with your feet a few inches apart and you would also hold two medium sized dumbbells in both hands while having your back up tall and straight. Perform the squats and do about twenty to thirty of them per day for best results.


 These are also good for reducing cellulite in the thighs. Sit on your exercise mat and stretch out both of your legs while holding out your arms towards your feet. Stay in this position for five to ten minutes and you can do this exercise a few times a week.

Jump Rope

 You can burn calories and fat quickly by jumping rope and it helps reduce cellulite. If you have a daughter the two of you can jump rope together and make up a few games to make the activity fun. Another idea is to buy a long jump-rope and have two people turn the rope while you jump inside the rope. Source-remove cellulite with exercise

Lifting Weights

 Lifting weights does wonders for muscle toning and you can visit the gym or buy the equipment and exercise at home. Start off with medium sized weights then proceed to the heavier weights as your muscles get stronger.


 Cellulite does not have to stay on your body permanently because with these exercises, you will have a firmer body in the long run. The success will not happen right away and sometimes you will feel you are not progressing as you should. It also helps to stay motivated by having your spouse, friend or sibling work out with you.

Taking Care of Your Braces and Using the Dentist in Melbourne

Foods You Can And Cannot Eat While Wearing Braces

 Fruit is an important part of your diet but it becomes a challenge when you wear braces. Stay away from hard and crunch fruits such as apples and cantaloupes because this causes pain while eating them. However, you can eat applesauce, mashed peaches, cooked oranges, bananas, kiwi and pureed apricots.  You also want to avoid crunchy vegetables such as raw carrots, celery and cauliflower. Drink plenty of milk since milk strengthens your teeth because of the calcium that is in the milk.

Use Electric Toothbrush to Brush Teeth With Braces

 When you have metal braces, it is not the best idea to use a regular toothbrush because it does not get inside the braces where the food gets stuck after you eat, and a regular toothbrush could irritate your braces. The better choice is to brush over your braces with an electric toothbrush.

If Braces Pop, Visit Dentist Right Away

 When some of your braces pop, it may cause minor hazards in the mouth and near gums so it is important that you visit the dentist in Melbourne immediately so that he can fix the problem, get more information at dentist Melbourne CBD.

Put on Dental Wax

 Since your braces tend to cause discomfort and pain occasionally, you want to apply dental wax near your braces so that you can ease the pain and reduce pain in the cheeks and lips due to wearing the braces. You can find the dental wax at most drugstores, medical supplies stores and some supermarkets.

Caring for Invisible Braces

 When you have invisible braces, you want to remove and clean the braces every few days because this makes for healthier and cleaner teeth along with a brighter smile. Another thing you should do is clean your teeth in between wearing the braces because proper hygiene keeps the teeth clean.

Why Braces Are Beneficial

 One of the main reasons why you should consider braces is to correct misaligned teeth that make the smile unattractive and difficult to chew food at times. Most people get braces as children but some people do not get braces until early adulthood. When you get braces and correct the misalignment, your confidence improves and you have stronger teeth. The metal braces add slight embarrassment to your teeth’s appearance so you can get invisible braces to cut out the stigma.


 When you take good care of your teeth while wearing braces, your teeth will look better and you will reduce future trips to the dentist in Melbourne on a frequent basis to correct minor problems. Braces are worn temporarily so they will not be a permanent part of your teeth.  After you get braces and have them removed, you should do everything you can to maintain healthy teeth so that you will not need braces in the future. After you get the braces, visit the dentist in Melbourne for a follow-up to make sure things are going okay with the braces.

Common Eye Diseases

Lazy Eye

 This condition is also known as ambylopia and this is when one person’s eye is weak while his other eye is strong and as a result, the brain focuses heavily on the good eye to see. When a person has lazy eye, his eye is either turned in or outward and it makes for an unattractive appearance on the face. You can treat lazy eye through surgery and other means that are recommended by the ophtalmologist.

Pink Eye

 This is a condition in which the conjunctiva of the eye becomes inflamed and this leads to reddening of the white part of your eyes. Pink eye is contagious although not deadly so if you have this condition, you should stay away from work, social events and school until your condition improves. You can take antihistamines and put eyedrops in your eyes to alleviate pink eye.

Macular Degeneration

 This eye disease is one of the leading causes of blindness next to glaucoma and to reduce chances of developing it, you should take good care of your eyes and get regular eye exams. Macular degeneration is the decline in proper functioning of the macula, which is the middle of the retina. The sooner you get eye exams to detect this, the fewer chances of getting this disease.


 People at any age can get cataracts but older persons in particular are prone to developing them. Cataracts occur when your vision becomes cloudy and this is because the protein in the eye that causes you to see clearly start to wear out in the aging process. Cataracts are not painful but they cause difficulty in seeing but there is help available with cataract surgery to eliminate the cataracts and put new lens on the eyes.


 Glaucoma is similar to macular degeneration in that a person with this disease is at risk of blindness. Generally glaucoma is detected during routine eye exams and this disease is mainly caused by fluid buildup in the eye. If you have a mild case of glaucoma the eye doctor would prescribe glaucoma eye drops to improve the situation but for those with moderate to advanced glaucoma, the eye doctor may suggest laser surgery or other medications. Those with diabetes are especially at risk of glaucoma.


 Just like your body parts, our eyes cannot stay young forever and this is seen in the several eye diseases we may get as we age. You can prevent blindness if you visit the eye doctor regularly, maintain a healthy lifestyle overall and educate yourself on new treatments that can treat certain eye diseases. If eye disease runs in the family, there is a high chance that you may develop it but it is not definite. If you have questions concerning an eye disease that you were diagnosed with, ask the doctor as many questions as possible. Finally, you want to have a positive attitude and do everything you can to avoid these eye diseases.

Low Fat Desserts for Dieters

Fruit Salad

Fruits are low in calories but high in fiber, vitamins and minerals so this is an excellent way to satisfy your sweet tooth. To make the fruit salad, combine a cup each of crushed pineapples, blueberries, seeded sliced oranges, grapes and cherries in a large bowl. Then add a half cup of plain yogurt, a third cup of honey, a few teaspoons of crushed mint and two teaspoons of cinnamon.

Espresso Granita

In a bowl combine two to four cups of cold espresso coffee, a third cup of low fat milk, and a few teaspoons of honey. Stir well and place in the freezer for thirty minutes to an hour. Granita is really coffee flavored shaved ice and is refreshing for any summer day.

Healthy Version of High Calorie Cheesecake

You can drastically cut the number of calories in a cheesecake by making it healthier yet still tasty. For the cheese filling, you can use fat free cream cheese, eggs, two teaspoons of vanilla and fat free sour cream. Then pour this mixture into the graham cracker crust and bake for 45 minutes. To sweeten the cheesecake mixture, add raw sugar or honey.

Chocolate or Caramel Coated Berries

To make this recipe, melt two dark chocolate bars in a double boiler over medium heat and once the chocolate is melted, toss in some frozen berries and coat them in the chocolate. Then spread out the berries on parchment paper and place the coated berries in the refrigerator for 15 to 20 minutes. You want to coat the berries with melted dark chocolate because dark chocolate boosts serotonin levels in the brain that lead to happy feelings, and berries are high in fiber. More information can be found at

Use Whole Wheat Flour for Baking

Another way to eat low fat desserts is to substitute whole wheat flour to create baked goods for refined flour. Refined flour is not very healthy and many processed desserts contain refined flours and this leads to weight gain. Your chances of developing weight gain will be less if you make desserts with whole grain flour in it.

Fat Free Flavored Yogurt

You can find fat free flavored yogurts at most supermarkets and yogurt contains good bacteria called probiotics, which helps fight off free radicals in the body that cause skin problems. Yogurt has fewer calories than ice cream and you can use yogurts to make parfaits with cake cubes and fruits. If you eat yogurt a lot, buy it in bulk.


Just because you are on a diet does not mean that you cannot enjoy dessert because you make low fat versions of those desserts or increase your intake of fruits and alternatives to sugar such as honey and agave nectar. When eating low fat desserts, you should eat small portions since large portions cause weight gain. Peanut butter is another good low calorie dessert and can be eaten with celery, whole wheat crackers, raisins, peanuts and almonds, bananas and strawberries.

Best Ways to Combat Chronic Constipation


Here are some top remedies for constipation. These can help you best to combat chronic constipation.

Cleanse Your Colon

 Constipation comes from years of storing toxins and unhealthy foods in your digestive system and if you want to combat chronic constipation, you should cleanse the colon a few times a year. To create a liquid colon cleanse, combine a cup of water, a few teaspoons of syrup, a few drops of lemon juice and three to four teaspoons of cayenne pepper. Drink this mixture a few times a day until the constipation goes away.

Maintain Exercise Regimen

 Another thing you should do is start and maintain a regular exercise regimen because it helps you prevent and treat chronic constipation. Examples of good exercise methods include walking, running, swimming, dancing, moving on a treadmill and playing sports with friends. Drink water in between exercise sessions.

Foods High in Fiber

 This is one of the best ways to treat chronic constipation. In the morning you can eat a bowl of fiber bran cereal with berries since cereal and berries are high in fiber. Whole grain crackers and other whole grain snacks are also high in fiber and you should consume leafy greens, beans and nuts to treat this condition.

Mulberry Juice

 This is a little-known drink that works well to relieve constipation and you can also combine it with prune or cranberry juice with a little honey to make it taste better. If you cannot find mulberry juice, pomegranate or grape juice is another good drink to treat constipation.

Bathe The Constipation Away

 When you take a warm bath a few times a week, you reduce stomach cramps from constipation and gradually the constipation goes away. Taking a warm bath is also a great way to relax and cut out stress. Stress may irritate the constipation you have.

Milk of Magnesia

This liquid medicine has been used for generations as a way to treat chronic constipation and for it to be effective, you should take it at least a few times each day according to the instructions. It has a slight milky and bland taste but it works well for constipation relief. You can also buy stool softener pills if you do not like milk of magnesia.


 You can find suppositories at most drugstores and a suppository is a product that comes with a medium-sized edema that you gently place it in your rectum where the liquid from the edema will soften the stool and relieve constipation.

Talk With The Doctor

 If the above mentioned remedies are not working, you should talk with your doctor to seek out different solutions to the problem. The doctor may want to see if there is an undiagnosed medical condition that causes the constipation and then recommend a procedure or medication.


 Constipation is an unpleasant experience but thankfully it does not last forever and when you use the best remedies, your condition improves. It is also important to get plenty of rest since it relieves stomach cramps that come from constipation.

Tips to Manage Eczema

images (3)


Before you turn to “Derm Exclusive Reviews” to find a way to manage your eczema, you should talk with your doctor to determine if it is the right choice for you. In addition, here are ways you can manage eczema in safe and effective ways.

Avoid Eczema Triggers

 If your eczema is caused by lifelong allergies, you need to avoid any triggers that cause flare ups and these include certain foods, drinks, soaps, detergents and perfumes. Once you identify the triggers, do not expose yourself to them so that flare ups will not happen during the day.

Monitor Temperatures in Home and Outdoors

 Eczema flare ups also happen during weather changes and extreme temperatures in your home so it would be a good idea to monitor temperatures if you have eczema. In the winter months, you can have a humidifier in the home so that you will be more comfortable in the home. If it is very hot outside, you need to have cold air in the room.

Wear Loose Fitting and Comfortable Clothes

 Eczema flare ups occur when you sweat heavily so in the summer months it is a good idea to wear loose fitting and comfortable clothing during the day so you can manage eczema better. Avoid certain fabrics such as wool and polyester because those fabrics tend to cause itchy skin among those with eczema.

Moisturize Your Skin

 This is important for eczema sufferers because when your skin is moisturized, you see less flaky patches of dead skin on your face and other parts of your skin. Basic moisturizing lotions enriched with vitamins and herbs are excellent in maintaining soft skin while dealing with eczema. If you exfoliate often, always follow it with moisturizing your skin. When choosing a moisturizer, choose one that is free from perfumes and other kinds of scents.

No More Long Showers

 Eczema sufferers should not take long baths or showers because this dries out their skin and it leads to rashes, patches of scaly dead skin and increased flare ups during the day. You should spend no more than ten to fifteen minutes in the shower and they should apply lotion or petroleum jelly to the skin right after getting out of the shower.

Vitamin E Topical Cream

 Vitamin E is important in maintaining nice skin and if you have eczema, you should apply this cream to  the parts of your skin that are flaky and tough because as you do this, the patches of flaky skin will decrease and your face, arms and legs will look smoother.


 These remedies and products serve to help you in managing eczema and having better skin overall. If you used these remedies but still struggle with eczema, it is time to talk with your dermatologist to find better solutions to the problem. Watch your diet and drink plenty of water because certain foods trigger flare ups and water hydrates your skin.


Cleansing Your Skin Internally


Sure you can use many skin care products that contain ingredients such as extract of green coffee, herbs and vitamins as well as moisturizers to put on the outer skin so that it will be healthy but if you want your skin to be healthy permanently, you should cleanse your skin internally. Here are some ways you can do this with the green coffee dr oz supplement.

Raw Food

Eating raw food is one of the best ways to clean your skin internally and here are ways you can do it. Prepare a raw fruit salad and add a few drops of pure green coffee in it since the coffee fights off free radicals on the inside of the body that cause skin problems on the outside.  Another idea is to make a raw vegetable salad with salt, pepper and fresh herbs such as basil, thyme and coriander. When you eat raw food, you cleanse the inside of the body.

Detoxing to Treat Acne

If you tried different acne creams and over-the-counter facial cleansers but they do not work, you should try eating different foods to clean your skin and clear up the acne. One thing you need to do is avoid all processed foods since these foods cause an excess development of oil in the body and thus causing acne development. You should also drink more water and you can add a few drops of pure green coffee in it to boost the immune system, which helps in curing skin  issues.

Use Lemon As a Facial Cleanser

Lemon is one of the most common ingredients in a skin cleanse and here is how you can use it having better skin. Combine melted beeswax, a third cup of lemon juice and the Borax powder. Then apply the mixture to your face and let stay on the face before rinsing it off.

Use Green Coffee

You can use pure green coffee or extract from green coffee to cleanse the skin and the best way to do this is by drinking a few glasses of it per day. Green coffee has chlorogenic acid and antioxidants that fight off free radicals which cause premature aging signs. You can find green coffee at most natural health stores.


Over-the-counter acne medications and other skin care products do not always work and it is for this reason that you should consider cleansing your skin internally using natural ingredients that you have in your pantry. When you cleanse your skin this way, you do not have to worry about allergic reactions or feeling like you wasted your money on commercial skin care products. Whether it is pure green coffee or lemon and water, home remedies work wonders for the skin. If you are interested in other home remedies for skin care, read some alternative health articles on the topic. When using the remedies you want to follow the instructions carefully so that you will not harm the skin. The good thing about using all natural products is that you can store the solution in jars for use over a period of weeks.


The Psychological Reasoning Behind Not Buying Life Insurance

 Most People Are Not Saving Money in General

One reason why some do not buy life insurance is because they have a mentality that says “I want it now and I do not have to delay the things I want to fulfill long term goals or plan for emergencies.” Some people feel that instant gratification should be the rule they live by and as a result they do not put aside money for emergencies and life insurance is not seen as important at the moment.

Social Structure Has Changed

There was a time when the psychology of life insurance was based on the reality that it was the man who was the sole breadwinner in the family while the woman primarily stayed in the home to look after the children and the home. When the husband passed away, the wife and children received life insurance. Nowadays more women have decided to take charge of their financial futures and some women no longer think it is necessary to get life insurance even if they are married since job opportunities for women have increased over the past few decades.

Life Insurance

Mistrust of Life Insurance

Some people do not buy life insurance because in a psychological sense they do not trust the life insurance companies. These persons have heard stories of life insurance fraud and they wonder if the companies are going to offer the claims that belong to the policyholder. Others were defrauded by life insurance companies and as a result they do not trust the companies.

Deceived By Youthfulness

Many young people are deceived by the fact that they are young and full of energy and as a result, they feel that they are too young to be concerned about getting life insurance. But the fact is that more young persons are dying frequently each day and if you are wise you would get life insurance, particularly if you have a spouse and children. In fact, when you get older it will cost you more to buy the insurance.

Some People Feel They Have Enough Money for the Future

There are others who do not buy life insurance because they are overconfident in their abilities to earn income and they feel that they will always have adequate income to cover themselves or their families. This is not the mindset you should have because due to the current recession, people are losing their jobs and the same thing can happen to you.


When you look at the psychological reasons for not buying life insurance, these are excuses and are not legitimate reasons for avoiding life insurance. You need life insurance because emergencies happen and it is important that you prepare your family for emergencies such as death or natural disasters. Get life insurance while you are young so that when you reach retirement age, you will have adequate funds to support yourself. Finally, you should research different companies to determine which one is right for you.